Look for the Helpers

Two days ago we woke up to the news in Brussels, and today we woke up to the fallacy of the North Carolina legislature. To say I feel disheartened is putting it lightly. The word I am really reaching for is disgusted, though I do try to stay away from such an ugly word. But sometimes the ugly in this world demands such a word.

And yet, I ended my day today with a small group of local women business leaders at Nido Durham. Sponsored by the Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and The Women's Advantage, the focus was on growth and development of our businesses. The question kept coming up: what’s holding you back? Why are you not reaching your goals? If you have something that is beneficial to your community, how dare you not share it with the world?

When I started Detail & Design, it was my mission, to focus on people and organizations who are doing good in our community. Now that we have grown, that mission has grown too. It feels more important than ever before. Look around you: who do you see that is making a positive impact on people you know and love? What are they doing? How are they contributing? What are you contributing?

Think about what you are doing to contribute to the good, and what others around you are doing. Focus on local. Focus on the people you see in your day to day life. That's where the changes start. I take solace in the ugly that feels beyond my control, by looking for the good that feels within my reach. As Mr. Rodgers famously said: “Look for helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Our mission is to help the helpers. You do what you do, and we will help you get that message out. We want to encourage and support our helpers in any way we can. Don't be afraid to speak your truth, to stand up to injustice, to take a risk. Do YOUR good in YOUR corner. We see you and we support you.