Connecting Through Work and Motherhood

School year is coming to an end and as a stay-at-home mom along with maintaining freelance clients, it’s a madhouse of organization, communication in a flash flood forward current. I have worked the past 16 years as a freelance graphic designer with the last 8 at a diluted work flow (cue Baby Number Two). I, as many working mothers who don’t work in a traditional office setting, have had the great opportunity to set my own hours and be present for many of the childhood moments.  

I knew there would be a lot to learn about motherhood, but I didn’t know that I would have to learn to be a mother. I struggled to make mom friends, be mom-like and now that I have “older” kids (8 and 11), I can look back and see that everyone really finds their own way and that is the beauty of motherhood… because each mother/child relationship is so individual. This can make motherhood so very lonely as well. Not everyone connects with a mom’s group mentality or wants to cherish every moment of the infant’s development. Some kinda wanna get on with things.  

So, with years of freelance work AND mother work at my immediate past/present/future, Christine of Detail and Design calling on me to be part of a collective project was such a surprising, new idea. And with this endeavor, I have tapped into a very necessary part of my working-stay-at-home-mother experience: Collaboration!  

Connecting with other professionals and putting oneself out there with work, art, and play are integral to rejuvenating one’s creative spirit, entrepreneurial spunk and simply one's step springiness. I knew bringing in funds to the household and keeping my portfolio from becoming stale were important to me, but I didn’t know reaching out to others to connect and work would be so fulfilling.