Client Highlight: Birch Family Birth Services

Birch Family Birth Services is a collective of local birth professionals who are committed to giving a better beginning to families in areas near Los Angeles, CA. 

Birch Family came to us in need of branding in the form of a logo and a website. This project ended up being a true team effort for Detail & Design.  One of us worked on the logo, one did the hand lettering and image for the logo, two of us collaborated on the website, and our fearless leader completed the process and published the site! 

We love how this project turned out. It has presented the perfect opportunity to showcase our work and illustrate how we take a questionnaire and transform it into a website.  

When we start designing a website for any client, we begin with a questionnaire that helps us to understand the client's aesthetic and style, while also giving us a sense of the content and special features the site will need. Some of the questions include

  • What is your objective in having a website?
  • What is the most important message you would like your site to convey?
  • What is the main piece of information people will look for on your site?
  • What sort of images and/or colors would you like on your site?

The main message that Birch Family Birth Services wanted to convey was that they are a professional, unbiased, compassionate group without any specific agenda in regards to the birthing process. They listed "modern, professional, and trustworthy" as words that should describe their site.  They wanted a mixture of black and  white and color images combined with modern text and a modern layout. They didn’t have a specific colors in mind when we started, though they did indicate a desire to stay away from warm colors. We chose a slate blue and arranged the images and text in clean, minimalist lines that convey both professionalism and a sense of security. Key information is easy to find, and the site feels warm and inviting while simultaneously conveying expertise. 

We hope you'll agree that we created a beautiful site that helps Birch to better serve their clients. We invite you to check out the completed site and enjoy!