Client Highlight: Thompson-Joinery

The Detail & Design team couldn’t be prouder to have published the new Thompson-Joinery website earlier this week. Here’s an overview of who is behind Thompson-Joinery and why we loved collaborating with them.

Detail of Thompson-Joinery's woodwork at Beyù Caffè

Detail of Thompson-Joinery's woodwork at Beyù Caffè

What is Thompson-Joinery?

This Durham based shop specializes in high-quality, custom woodworking for both commercial and residential spaces. Owner Matt Thompson leads a team of craftsmen who are highly skilled in carpentry, millwork, furniture making, casework, finish, and design. If you’ve been out in Durham recently, you have likely seen some of their gorgeous work: the tables, bar, and benches at Dashi; the interior woodwork in the new Beyù Caffè; and the custom casework at Tiny children's boutique. They also do exceptional residential work, including cabinetry, staircases, and built-ins.

Why did Thompson-Joinery seek out Detail & Design’s services?

Website: When Thompson-Joinery came to us, they were already well established in the Durham community. They wanted a solid online presence that they could use to showcase their portfolio.  The feel of the site is modern and minimalist and is styled entirely in classic black and white – these choices allowed their portfolio photos to shine. They also wanted their website to link to their active Instagram account, which they use to connect with clients and display their work.

Logo: Matt wanted something that was distinctive but also simple, so that it didn’t distract from the images on the site. To accomplish this, we took his signature from a piece of paper (simple black ink on white paper) and digitized it, transforming it into a logo that we used as his website header and also on his business cards.

Why do we love this project?

One of Thompson-Joinery's residential projects.

One of Thompson-Joinery's residential projects.

For starters, these are just great folks. They are lovely to work with and also lovely to work for (or, so we hear!), as they are members of the Durham Living Wage Project.

Another reason we loved working with Thompson-Joinery is that they understand the value of using professional photographs. In last week’s blog, Lis Tyroler extoled the value of high quality photography for websites, and Thompson-Joinery’s site is a beautiful illustration of her point. Their stunning portfolio photos (eye candy for designers!) were a pleasure to use.   

Finally, we love the tagline Thomson-Joinery uses on their Instagram account, “to build what ought to be,” because it’s just how we feel about each website we put out into the world, this one included.