Finding Strength and Support

Lately, I've been unsure how to express my feelings. Unsure how to move forward. Confused about what will actually make a difference.

I attended the Women's March on Raleigh almost reluctantly. Though I felt the need to be there, I didn't have a clear idea about why I was going.  I suppose I was comforted by the idea that it would make a difference in the big picture. And yet what I found there was not what I expected. What I found was that it made a difference on a local level, too. On a personal level. It made a difference to the women who were marching. Being in such a large group of scared, confused, frustrated, and yet powerful and soulful women has made me feel supported. I feel less alone when I am overwhelmed in the face of political news. This experience has continued to make me feel less lonely since, even in my confusion.

In the midst of the turmoil that led me to the march, I've been working to promote a program for my health coaching business, and finding the words to get through to people who are in their own confused states has been a challenge. I was feeling completely unsuccessful in this endeavor until I started conversations with past clients and friends about my approach. With their advice, I found a few other places to market my work and gained ideas about refining my style. Their excitement about the program and willingness to help me share it really gave me the encouragement I needed. This experience reflected how I felt after the Women's March. Propelled forward. 

If you share in my overwhelm and confusion, whether it be politically, personally, or professionally, I want to encourage you to seek out your strength by sharing those feelings. Talk to others, seek solidarity, find ways to plug yourself into the energy of people who can support you. Try to pinpoint parts of your overwhelm and chip away at it bit by bit.

Know that we are on this journey together.