Go Team!

Many of us at Detail & Design are mothers, balancing the demands of our work and family lives. Working together as a team has made the work we do both professionally and personally so much more rewarding; through each other, we have the support working freelancers so often eschew without a “job-job”.

With today's inauguration, we're seeing women throughout the country march together. Just as we help each other at Detail & Design, these women are helping each other today - the more experienced protesters walking alongside women who have never marched before, but feel newly moved to do so.  We have noticed a palpable shift in the attitude and action of helping fellow women do their work. Women are realizing that working together and creating our own teams/squads/tribes benefits not only individuals, but also families and communities.

We love that many of our clients are also taking on this female collaborative approach. One of our newest clients, Birch Baby Birth Services out of Ventura County, California, is a collective of women offering many services dedicated to the life changing transition that is welcoming a new baby (or babies!) into the world. From prepping for the birth to birthing the baby to car seat installation, they have assembled ten women who specialize in the myriad aspects of this special phase of life. Bringing together talented individuals to create a larger service to the community was the spark that led Christine Seed to create Detail & Design in 2016.

Women assembling and creating clusters to support each other in every way - physically, mentally, emotionally, and logistically (babysitters or child pick-up, anyone?) - is essential to  success for so many. This year, when you need a helping hand,  send out a call for your people. May they always answer back!