Snow Day

If you’re new to the area, the last week has taught you that snow in the south is a really big deal. Like, a no-milk-left-in-the-store, no-school-for-days kind of big deal. Generally, on the first snow day, kids and parents alike are giddy from watching and playing in all that white stuff. Day two, the kids are still thrilled and the parents are a little less enthused. Day three? The adults desperately want to get back to work.  

A disruption in routine can be stressful, even if it comes in the form of snowmen and sleds. A series of snow days, like a cold or an unexpected family trip, can either make us more stressed out (all those missed meetings, missed hours of work, missed opportunities!) or we can use it as an opportunity to recharge. Here’s how.

Gain a Little Perspective. A schedule disruption forces you to take a step back and look at the big picture. Instead of slogging through your daily schedule, you can take some time to restructure your priorities. Which projects are the most pressing? Which bring you joy or inspire your creativity? Prioritize those. Then rewrite your to-do list.

Get Creative. Let’s face it, sometimes we get the very best ideas when we’re not working at all. Like, the perfect tag line for the web copy you’re writing suddenly pops into your head when you’re quizzing your kid for the spelling bee, or the perfect image for a client’s logo appears to you when you’re climbing out of the pool after swimming laps. Making a little empty space in your brain – and in your days – gives creativity the space it needs to flourish.

Nourish Yourself. If you find yourself with a few unexpected days at home – or traveling unexpectedly – pick one thing you’d love to do for yourself, but never get to. Make a huge pan of lasagna while drinking a glass of red wine, take a bubble bath, go for a long, aimless walk. When you do that one good thing for yourself, steps one and two are easier to come by.

Find Your Gratitude. If you’re lucky enough to have a job you love (or even like pretty well), you will go back to work feeling energized. And even if you don’t love your job, you’ll go back to work with a renewed sense of all the other things that make your life so wonderful.