Connect with your customers through creative and custom content.

Your customers and clients want to hear from you. Give them something interesting to read and engage with them where they spend time already - in their inbox. Detail & Design offers custom email and newsletter design through MailChimp and Constant Contact so that you can deliver your message to your customers in a way that you can feel proud of. We also offer content development - from strategic communications planning, to photography, to writing the content for you - so that you can deliver a message your customers will be interested in, will read, and will act on.

What makes for an effective newsletter? 

We believe that simple, clean, and straightforward design goes a long way in creating a newsletter that people will engage with. Beautiful images coupled with minimal but powerful text will make your newsletter stand out. We will identify what your audience wants to know about and engage them with relevant news and information, while also promoting your business. Basic plans with MailChimp are free, and research shows that every $1 spent on email marketing results in a return of between $45-$51. So what are you waiting for?

Christine helped me know what I wanted, and then visualized and created it for me, with never a moment of stress.

Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell, Photographer