New Year's Site Revamp Case Study: Heart in Hands

This week on the blog we’re going to show how we used Monica’s New Year’s advice to do a website revamp for one of our clients.

Kallyn Boerner has a business called Heart in Hands. She is a photographer and a doula. When we previously did Kallyn’s site, she was doing all of the marketing for both of her businesses through her site. Her website included substantial information on both her doula services and her photography packages, with a resource page for new families. 

In the past year, Kallyn began contracting her doula work exclusively through Emerald Doulas (also a Detail and Design client!), and so her need to market her doula services through her website was diminished. Her business had evolved; her website needed to follow suit.

Here’s how we used Monica’s advice to take a fresh look at Kallyn’s site:

  1. Create an audience. For Kallyn, her audience had changed. Folks that knew her as a doula would now go through Emerald Doulas to work with Kallyn, so her website needed to primarily speak to families looking for photography. Instead of having her copy on the site centered around the birth experience, Kallyn is now free to use language that focuses exclusively on the photography experience. Having this clear focus means she is better able to express to families what sets her apart as a photographer.

  2. Look at your images. For Kallyn, high-quality images are in abundance - it was just a matter of figuring out the best way to display them. We decided on a landing page that showcases some of Kallyn’s photography, as well as separate pages for her galleries and service offerings. Her galleries are clearly labeled and serve to show clients the breadth, as well as the depth, of her photography skills.

  3. Navigate. Kallyn’s site still includes a page devoted to her doula work, but it is a simple page that serves to redirect viewers to Emerald Doulas. We removed the Resources page, since that was focused on resources for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Viewers can still find out a lot about Kallyn’s personality and approach to photography through the About, Blog, and Good Vibes pages, but their attention is directed to the Galleries and Sessions pages first.

And lastly, I want to emphasize Monica’s point about asking for feedback from friends, colleagues, and whomever else might be helpful. You may not decide to take it all, but having fresh eyes on an older project can be a great way to see things you may not see otherwise.

It’s not too late to get a jump on 2017. If your website needs a refresher, or you’d like to talk about ways to better align your design with your business goals, please get in touch!