Time to Grow

It has been such an exciting time for Detail and Design. In the past two months, we have…

  • Hired our Creative Coordinator, Dominique Heath
  • Moved into our new office space at Gridworks, in downtown Durham

  • Taken on several new clients who we are thrilled to be working with

  • Grown our sister organization WE Collective from five active groups to seven

  • Gotten up and running with our new favorite software, Dubsado

  • Begun working on a website revamp (will be launched soon!)

  • Made some pretty exciting goals for 2018


Phew! It has been exciting and busy. Very busy.

But I try to remind myself that a busy life is really just a full life. My life is full, not busy.


Doesn’t that sound better?

My life is full of creative entrepreneurs, business owners in and around Durham, and so many people who inspire what I do every day. My life is full of awesome clients who remind me why I chose this career. My life is full of friends and family that support my goals - both personally and professionally.

All of this growth and fullness has caused me to focus in on ways that I can sustain the momentum while not losing my mind. Here I’m sharing some of the tricks I’ve learned to manage growth, create systems, and support and nurture these times.

Create goals. Then break them down. Then break them down again.

I’ve been challenging myself and my team to think big. We are talking change over here. Reaching, growing, stretching. I’m challenging myself to not be afraid to write down any goal, no matter how crazy it may sound. And here’s what I do after I write down said goal: I break it down into six steps that would help me get there. And then what do I do with those six steps? Yep. I break those six steps into six more steps for each one. Those become my tasks, and those tasks get a due date. Since implementing this process, I can literally feel myself moving toward those big lofty goals. Yes, the progress is slow. But it’s still progress.

Get some systems.

This is one that I have personally struggled with for quite some time. But that time is over! I am now and forevermore sold on using Dubsado and Trello to run Detail and Design. It took me a while to decide on these tools, but now that they are in my life, I feel such a sense of relief. I work on our systems every day, and every day they get a little bit better.

Find your community.

This is something I am constantly thinking about and talking about. Collaboration, networking, and community. I want Detail and Design to grow and expand exponentially next year, the year after that, and on and on. Pretty sure I can’t swing that by myself. The best thing I have ever done as an independent small business owner is find talented and trustworthy people to work and collaborate alongside of me. Detail and Design would only be a shadow of what it is (and what it is becoming) without the people I work alongside with every day. I also get an incredible amount of support and inspiration through all the women in WE Collective. There is nothing quite like being able to troubleshoot the ups and down of entrepreneurship with other women who are in the exact same boat. Finally, I’ve found an online community. I’ve sought out Facebook groups for people who are doing similar work and have forged relationships with them online. Don’t underestimate how powerful this type of networking and solution sharing these types of platforms can be.

Turn it off.

If you are a small business owner, you may be like me - and feel tempted to work all the time. That’s really one of the dangers of running your own business - you are never really off. The amount of time I spend totally focused on my business has got to be counterbalanced with off time, otherwise I may just burn out. I don’t want that. Here is what I have started doing to force my business brain to take a break:

  • No work after 8pm or on the weekends

  • As a team, Detail and Design has decided that our regular business hours will be Monday through Thursday. These are the days that we will do our client-facing work. We have been using Fridays for professional development (I’m currently enjoying Trello for Business), time to pursue other professional endeavors like Kate’s brilliant Palmetto Blog, or simply just to be alone or spend time with family.

  • I use the Calm app on my phone once I’m in bed - I love the sleep meditations and rarely make it through one awake.


I’m so excited to approach 2018 with a strong team and strong goals. Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come:


  • Marketing and business plans. We are so excited to begin offering marketing and business plans for your business. These roadmaps are going to lead your business to where you want to be and we can’t wait to partner with you to help you get there.

  • Video. This one has been a long time in the making. Starting in 2018 we will be offering video services. This means we will be equipped to film a promotional or marketing short for your website or other marketing materials and get it edited and out into the world. This will be a huge addition to our services lineup and we are so excited to get started!

  • CRM setup. As another way to support small businesses in their growth journey, we will be offering CRM setup in both Dubsado and 17Hats. Getting these CRMs up and running will cut countless hours out of your day to day operations by getting things such as proposals, contracts, and invoices streamlined and automated - leaving you extra time to get to work.

Growth can be tough. There’s no way around that. But it can also be so exhilarating. Is your business growing? Can we help? Contact us. Let’s grow together.