Behold the Art Machine

The year is young, but already we’ve been rocked and repowered by two tremendous calls to action convened by women leaders: The January Women's March on Washington (and in cities across the globe) and the recent #DaywithoutaWoman in recognition of International Women’s Day, March 8th.

During these momentous events, people everywhere used art to express their opinions and values. Amid the crowds gathered in capitol squares, posters and banners with bold statements were held high; online, bright graphics with simple, meaningful messages gave us pause and helped us connect with each other across different time zones and backgrounds.

I am grateful for artists and artist collectives who create art courageously and share it in accessible ways for a greater cause.  For example, The Amplifier Foundation is a self-declared “Art Machine for Social Change” which supports artists and nonprofits and distributes beautiful, original work around the world in various free formats. A message said visually can be riveting; I was deeply affected by these posters in a series by Shepard Fairey:

As women artists and designers, we create out of our love for the work. And at times, we create for reasons that are larger than our own needs and desires. I have a feeling that in the months ahead, in the current tumultuous political and social climate we find ourselves in, more and more art beyond the self will emerge….design that makes a political statement, sparks debate, and unites women – and people – from different walks of life.