Do It Yourself, Durham

Have you heard about all of the great DIY opportunities in Durham? There’s a pretty impressive array of choices, from terrariums at the ZEN Succulent to sewing classes at Freeman’s Creative and holiday wreaths at Indio.

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We love participating in these workshops, but we’ve also been dying to get in on the DIY trend.

And on Monday we did just that when we launched our new DIY Shop for small businesses and entrepreneurs. You guys, we are so, so excited about our DIY Shop.

We narrowed down our areas of expertise to eight distinct categories and then set up 30 or 60 minute time slots for you to pick our brains about those topics. Have you been trying for weeks to write a speaker’s bio for that upcoming conference? Know you need to create packages for your service offerings but aren’t sure where to start? Need to add e-commerce to your Squarespace site? This is a low-cost, quick way to get the answers you need.

Here’s what we’re offering:


Website Review: We will walk through your website together and examine what is working and what could be improved. We will discuss your website goals, target market, and desired functionality. In addition, we will critique visual elements such as text, photography, and colors - all with the aim of creating a roadmap to an improved website and user experience. When the call is over, you will have a concrete list of suggestions to make your site even better.

Creating User Personas: User personas: A key component in effective marketing is understanding who your target market is. In this training, we will discuss user personas - distinct fictional representations of your ideal customer. Understanding the needs of these personas is vital to positioning yourself in your market. In the 30 minute call we will identify two personas and in the 60 minute call we will identify 3-4.

Blogging Strategy: These days, it seems like everyone has a blog. But not everyone has an updated, relevant blog that engages their audience and boosts their brand. In this training, we will discuss how to use your blog as a tool for boosting SEO, engaging your target audience, and establishing yourself as an expert in your industry. We will develop a schedule, brainstorm topics and keywords, determine appropriate media outlets for your posts, and discuss outlines and templates for effective blogging.

Copywriting 101: Even the strongest writers often have trouble writing about themselves and their business. This training will give you the opportunity to step back and see your persona and your business through your client’s eyes. From that perspective, we will establish the appropriate tone and style for your website’s written content and will create a mini style guide to keep your writing focused. You will also walk away from this training with a detailed site map to help guide your writing process.

Squarespace Basics: Do you have a Squarespace site but feel limited by its functionality? Are there changes you would like to make to your site but you aren’t sure how? This Squarespace training will be completely customized to your site, your needs, and your questions. We will screen share to walk you through all things Squarespace - from basic to advanced. You’ll come away from the call feeling more confident in your ability to update and maintain your Squarespace site.

Adding E-Commerce to Your Squarespace Site: Are you ready to make some money on your site? In this strategy call, we will walk through the basics of adding products, services, digital downloads, and gift certificates to your Squarespace website. We will also talk about accepting donations, connecting your website to your bank account, and the pros and cons of various payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe.

Social Media Strategy: Learn how to establish an engaging and effective online presence for your brand. In this training, you’ll learn how to set up accounts to maximize engagement and how to maintain those accounts with a strategic plan that encourages clickthroughs to your website. We’ll discuss the best social media platforms for your brand as well as tips and tricks for making those platforms work for you.

 Creating Your Services Page: What exactly do you sell and how exactly can your clients purchase these goods or services? Thinking through this question is one of the most important considerations in creating the written content for your website. In this training, we’ll discuss your most important goods and services and how to best market them on your website through the creation of packages, bundles, and creative gift guides.

Ready to do it yourself? See you on Zoom!

All Best,

The Detail & Design Team