Chris Hemsworth. Girl boss(es). AND design?! Ghostbusters 2016 had it all.

“Kevin dabbles in web design, and I asked him to throw together a couple of logos for us…”

Web and logo design, marketing, copywriting, editing, branding and photography are all skills Detail and Design offers and many of which often get lumped into “My cousin/college roommate’s kid/daughter-in-law can do this, so they can probably put something together to help our business.” Kevin deftly demonstrates that good intentions behind creating your business’s messages aren’t the only ingredients in professional, smart, targeted communication. Your expertise and, let me get a little woo-woo here, SOUL, need to be able to reach someone and speak to them in a language that is not spoken by many, but understood by all.

Truly understanding what presence you wish to project and having that message perform efficiently and successfully is something we pride ourselves in.

Don’t hire a Kevin… even if he will make the workspace prettier.