Making Time for Beauty

I walked into the bedroom and saw two rose petals, one on each pillow. It was as if we were vacationing on a cruise ship with the honeymoon package. It hadn’t been a cabin steward, though, that had laid the petals out so carefully - it was our three year-old daughter.

“It looks pretty, Mama,” she said with a smile and that look in her eyes she gets when she hopes to make us happy.

“It looks very pretty, sweetheart.”

This is not a rare occurrence. Like most children, she has an innate drive to make her environment beautiful. We often find our coffee table coasters distributed across the living room as “decoration,” flowers put in a vase on her desk, or stickers scattered across the bathroom door. She loves color, and flowers, and butterflies, and any chance to make things pretty. Sure, maybe having stickers on our door is not what my husband and I had in mind for interior decorating, but the satisfaction she gets from putting her mark on the world around her is worth it.

Photo by Lis Tyroler

Photo by Lis Tyroler

Seeing her aesthetic sense develop has made me invest more in that aspect of my own life. She inspires me to create clear and beautiful spaces where we can enjoy each other’s company and to see the value in interesting objects placed in our environment. I like seeing how this sparks conversation and enhances our mood as a family. We feel more relaxed when our sense of beauty is being nourished.

It’s no surprise that this spills over into our respective workplaces - her classroom, and my business. In her Montessori classroom, no object is placed carelessly on a table; everything has a home, and everything is thoughtful. There are clean spaces where the children work, and there is artwork on the walls. As for me, I know I work better when my desk is clear and I’ve removed the clutter from my space. When I take the time to invest in my physical surrounding, I am more inspired, and I feel better about my work when I am happy with the way it looks.

At Detail and Design, we hope to help you feel good about the way your work looks. As Kate said, our presentation to the world is important. When first impressions matter so much, the details are vital - the typography, the colors, the photos, the formatting. And the thing that matters most? Caring. Caring about how our environment looks, caring about our website, caring about our work. So take a cue from the toddlers around you, hard at work on their environments, and allow yourself the permission to focus on beauty.