The Greater Good

At Detail & Design, one of the aspects of our work that we love the most is collaborating with Durham nonprofits. There are so many organizations in this town doing important work, and it’s an honor to help them get their messages to as many people as possible. Lately we have had the opportunity to work with nonprofits who are - in turn - working to benefit other nonprofits. It’s a Durham nonprofit lovefest around here, and we couldn’t be happier!

Here’s a rundown of some of the work we’re doing in the nonprofit world:

Our most recent nonprofit partner is the DOUGHMAN Race. This will be the DOUGHMAN’S ninth year and, appropriately, the event will take place on Ninth Street (on Saturday May 27th - mark your calendars!). The race, known for being fun, outrageous, and not too serious, includes all of the elements of a triathlon - with the added element of eating. Each team consists of four people - 2 runners, 1 biker, and 1 “swimmer.” The swim event takes the cake for most outrageous - this year it will require participants to splash around (strategically, of course)  in kiddie pools set up in the Ninth Street parking lot.

Before each event, the athletes, often clad in costumes, will indulge in a delicious meal from a local Durham restaurant. Participating restaurants in this year’s Doughman include Dain’s Place, Motto, Lucky’s Delicatessen, Beyu Caffe, Locopops, Big Spoon Roasters, Cupcake Bar, and Monuts. The whole event is an effort to raise money for a local Durham nonprofit. This year, all the fundraising dollars will go to the Durham Bike Co-op. Local restaurants support  local event organizers who in turn support a local graphic design studio - all so we can support a local nonprofit. Pretty cool, huh?

In other parts of the nonprofit world, we’ve just wrapped up another season working with Kidcycle, the twice annual children’s consignment sale that benefits the Diaper Bank of NC. The event is held in the spring and fall at Northgate Mall (another local, family owned business) and is a great place to buy gently used clothes, toys, and accessories for your kids. Local parents can also consign items taking up space in their house and earn 70% (or more) of the sales price. All the proceeds from the sale (including all the money earned at the famed Dollar Day - where every single item costs just $1) goes directly to the Diaper Bank of NC. The Diaper Bank of NC distributes thousands of diapers to families who could not otherwise afford them. (Diapers are really expensive and are not covered by WIC.) Before each  Kidcycle sale, Detail & Design handles the website updates and the creation of all of the print materials. It’s a great way for us to do our part for the Diaper Bank!

Working with Kidcycle and the DOUGHMAN reinforces our core value of providing services at free or reduced rates to local nonprofits. We have been doing this from day one, but only recently did we crystalize that mission by creating our first annual Great Design for the Greater Good contest. We are currently accepting applications and will select one grand prize winner who will receive up to $1,000 of pro bono work for their organization. In addition, we will have three runner-ups who will be awarded services at a significantly reduced cost.

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