Why Squarespace?

Clients often ask why we build our websites with Squarespace. While some of our designers have experience working across other platforms, we choose to build new sites exclusively on Squarespace because it creates the best experience for you, the client. In this week's blog, we wanted to share some of the benefits with you. 

squarespace logo.png
  1. A user-friendly interface. One of the top complaints we hear from new clients is that their old site was simply not user-friendly. In order to make even the smallest change, they had to get in touch with the original developers. With Squarespace, this isn’t the case. Changes like updating text and adding blog posts can easily be done by the client. We are happy to make larger changes for you, but we want our clients to feel empowered to take ownership of the site. To this end, we include a training session for every client we build a website for.

  2. Easy, expert security for your website. Since your site will be hosted by Squarespace, the responsibility for keeping it secure is on their shoulders. This means you don’t have to buy and install separate security software. Squarespace also maintains backups of all of your data, so it is not necessary to regularly download and store backups to protect your site.

  3. Beautiful, responsive web design. Websites built on Squarespace will automatically conform to different screen sizes, as well as mobile and tablet devices. This means your site looks beautiful no matter what device a viewer is using - no need to worry if your site looks as good on your friend’s computer as it does on yours.

As designers, there are plenty of other reasons why we love working with Squarespace, but these are the features that have a big effect on the client’s experience. For a full listing of Squarespace features, please visit: https://www.squarespace.com/feature-index.

Interested in getting your own Squarespace site? Get in touch!