Words Are Strong

Words are strong. The right words at the right time can inspire, breathing life into abysmal spaces. Or they can hurt, erasing hope as if it never existed. Some words earn a candidate a vote; others take it away.  We have to be careful with our words and never underestimate the reach and duration of their influence. They tell our history and our future.

I had a different topic in mind for today’s blog. But in the wake of the earthshaking decision announced on November 9th, it seems I can do nothing but think about what that news means for all of us. Thankfully, I am grounded by words that carry messages of unity and love, surging like a powerful wave within my local community and throughout many places in the world. And like water, words can travel far, healing wounded ground and shaping what’s ahead.

The act of drawing the words below was a sort of meditation because it gifted me the time to reflect on their significance. It’s a simple promise: Two words. One life. Let’s do this.