Expertly crafted written content for all your communications needs.

Copywriting for websites or marketing materials

Your website is your voice, and its language, tone, and style should communicate your brand.That’s why it’s crucial to match your written content to your mission. High-quality, focused copywriting will promote your unique business and highlight the strengths of your products and services.

I highly recommend Kate's work. She met and exceeded my expectations, going out of her way to ensure that I was satisfied with her work. From now on, I will exclusively be working with her for my web content needs.

Victor Rocha, CEO at Account Legal

We artfully tailor our process to help you better define your website’s voice and target audience. Your expertise and our focused industry-related research will help us to draft original content that is unique to your vision and aesthetic. Your website’s written content should be genuine and reflective of your personal style. That’s why revision is a collaborative process between you and our writers. Finally, the Detail & Design team will ensure that your website’s design beautifully complements its written content.

Content for your blog

A well-written blog should be a spark that generates interest in your business and curiosity about what you do. Let us ignite that interest for you with creative, engaging content written in the unique voice of your business or organization

We’ll work with you to identify the objectives of your blog, pinpointing its voice, target audience, and style. Generating topics is often a collaborative process, though if you’d rather be more hands-off, we can do that for you, too! Either way, our process involves research of sample industry blogs as well as industry terminology and trends. We’ll post blogs according your schedule on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. Collaboration with our design team throughout the process means that your blog will not only be thought-provoking but beautiful. In other words, it will be a blog your client wants to visit again (and again and again).

Although blogs were a highly desirable feature for our website, creating informative and appealing blogs proved challenging. Upon hiring Kate, she was able to quickly understand the topics and refined subject matter to achieve concise blog material. We have noticed increased traffic to the website due to the addition of Kate’s highly creative and illustrative blogs.

Mary Long, Owner, 140 Salon and Dry Bar


Editing is at the heart of everything we do. We find great joy in hunting out typos, errors, and flat out mistakes. A publication laden with errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling gives the reader the impression that it was thoughtlessly thrown together. When a document is carefully edited, the words stand out and the audience will more fully engage with the message, instead of getting tripped up by sloppy presentation and unclear meaning. 

From invitations and flyers, to books and technical manuals, we will ensure that your end product is clear, easy to follow, and well written. When you ask us to edit something, you can expect that we will pay close attention to all of the following:

  • Copyediting: grammar, punctuation, wording, and spelling
  • Content editing: fact checking; assessing the work as a whole; checking for consistency, clarity, and organization
  • Rewriting as necessary 

Christine is a maven of all things communications. She is a wordsmither and an editor, and she has a keen eye for detail. Her ability to understand client needs and then translate those into a great, on-time product is why I have collaborated with her for over five years. Plus, she is a fun person to work with!

Jennifer Hastings, MS, MPH, Independent Public Health Professional